Glossary of Uzbek GIS terms

One of the aims of DSinGIS project is to develop a contemporary and concise glossary of GIS related Uzbek terms and definitions for the benefit of UZ GI community. For the effective work an online, collaborative platform was created, where the GI terms are edited, harmonized and accepted by a board set up within the frames of the project. The definitions are based on the previously written Uzbek books and other Uzbek, Russian and English sources (within them, the ESRI Dictionary of GIS terms and the GIS terminology accepted by the ISO committee). For the harmonisation the Uzbek definitions an Editorial Board was set up, which consist of 10 members delegated by UZ universities. The finalisation of definitions is being done by the approval of the Editorial Board.

During the project and beyond doctoral candidates and other users can have open access to the glossary. To maintain the fluency of the work, the glossary can be viewed and edited on several platform. Readers and reviewers can browse the dictionary on a web page, while editors have access to the database beyond. The editorial process is done in the glossary editor and is led by the Editor-in-chief.

The glossary is going to be the first concise glossary containing definitions and related images of geospatial terms in Uzbek language. This is in line with national strategy on building scientific community and enhancing the quality of publications. The unified terminology is great help in module development. However, the impact of the glossary is much wider, indirectly this will help to translate knowledge to bachelor and master level students in GIS and can lead to preparation of cross language GIS dictionaries possibly created upon this structure.

The glossary being built contains various information containing both scientific and management parts. As there are several actors involved into the editorial process, we decided to provide several views of the glossary with as much information as the work of actors require. This site hosts three views: one for the readers (the core glossary), one for the reviewers (enabling to give feedback to all terms) and one for the editors (providing them with all information needed to their work).

The structure of terms in the Glossary is based on the schema widely used in the international glossaries (e.g. the ESRI GIS dictionary, the glossary of or GIS Dictionary of It provides information on the following elements (and form the entry structure for readers):

The above mentioned parts of a entry are visually designed as in case of the following entry (in its preparation phase the glossary doesn't contain all parts):

Ma’lumotlar bazasini boshqarish tizimi
Ma’lumotlar bazasini yaratish, boshqarish va foydalanishga moʻljallangan dasturiy vositalar toʻplami.
EN: Database Management System
RU: Система управления базами данных

Further elements of the glossary are incorporated for the benefit of editors. These information are the following:

The dictionary can be read either in its complexity (by clicking the DSinGIS image at the top of the page, the whole glossary will be loaded) or divided into parts according to the scientific field of terms.

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